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Why MFC?
Pricing, service and quality are unrivalled

It provided an opportunity for us to further enhance our already great relationship with MFC while benefiting from their incentives..

What it means for your school to be offered a ‘giveback’?
This allows us to have the benefit of extra resources for our Sports Department while maintaining our relationship with a quality provider.

Why MFC?
Firstly the process – previous club suppliers were late, out of stock and generally hard work.
Secondly the design – Always new and exciting especially for our youth.
And for me personally as I am in charge of Merchandise for Eskra GAA I wanted to support a local business who have a great vision and took a chance with it and has certainly paid off.
The Link seemed to be a massive success with Eskra for their 2020 Christmas order also. Again down to MFC’s advances.

This was pretty easy, as a small club with maybe 1-2 orders per year it does not make sense to chop and change suppliers when one is already working.  Also makes my job much easier not to be contacting others and pricing, getting designs etc.

What it means for your club to be offered a ‘giveback’?
This is great for a committee point of view – I can show them at the end of each year that we have got something back.
Like anything in life, people love a freebee! Or a reward etc
A great incentive for us the club and yourselves as it leaves me with no real decision or why would i go elsewhere.

Dromore GFC chose MFC as their quality of service and the quality of their merchandise is unsurpassed, the designs are so innovative and fresh, orders are delivered on time everytime and the new MFC app has taken so much of the work away from busy club personnel.

We joined the LOYALTY15 program as we say huge financial benefits for our club, our players and supporters get to choose first class gear at a very competitive price yet the club benefits from 15% cashback, these funds are all earmarked for enhancing our youth and schools coaching policy, so not only do parents benefit from kitting their kids out in top quality gear, they also contribute to a higher standard of coaching for their children in doing so.

Why MFC?
Online. Flexible. Strong unique design. Excellent account management. Quality clothing .

Price guarantee for two years . Gives the club a credit to use on necessary items when needed which won’t hit the expense line in the club.

What it means for your club to be offered a ‘giveback’?
Another strong feature in the overall MFC proposition .

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