Teamwork. Tensions. Tiebreakers.

MFC celebrated 5years in business this year with a series of office games & fun. The office was divided for one whole week as tensions road high in a bid to take home the title, and of course, office bragging rights!

Two teams, kitted out in their MFC colours took to the table in head to head challenges to test their precision and hand, eye coordination in some games against the clock. The green team consisting of the ‘lads’; Ryan, Gerard, Finn & Caolán had their work cut out for them when they face the predominantly female dominated Orange team of Róisín, Colleen, Eimhear & company MD, Sean O’Neill.

The games consisted of simple tasks which tested each member of staff who ran against the clock. Team spirit was high, as were tensions when we came to a tie breaker at the end of the week. Both teams nominated their member of choice, and the final head-to-head would decide the office winner. It became a battle of family members as Sean O’Neill took on brother-in-law Caolán in the match in which they had to match up a number of coloured up spread across the table. Both men took different approaches to this task and it came down to a matter of seconds in the finish up.

Who do you think came out on top?

Asides from the office celebrations, company directors, Sean & Fabian O’Neill both had some words to say about their journey to date. Both are completely overwhelmed at where their company has come to, which wouldn’t be possible without you, the customers, and are extremely excited to where the next 5 years will bring MFC.

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